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The Brazilian election and Central Bank independence

Carola Conces Binder, Ph.D. candidate, economics | September 27, 2014

Brazilians will head to the polls on Oct. 5 to vote in a tight presidential race. President Dilma Rousseff’s leading challenger is Socialist Party candidate Marina Silva. A key component of Silva’s economic platform is her support for a more independent central bank. Central bank independence, long a topic of interest to economists, is now capturing wide … Continue reading »

Return of the PRI: How did this happen? What does it mean for Mexico?

Harley Shaiken, professor emeritus in education and in geography | July 5, 2012

Twelve years ago, hundreds of thousands poured onto Mexico’s streets to celebrate the defeat of the PRI, the party that had governed for 71 increasingly autocratic and corrupt years. Now, it appears that the PRI is returning from the wilderness with a decisive, though still challenged, victory. How did this happen, and what does it … Continue reading »