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‘Imitation Game’ honors my hero, Alan Turing, world-changer persecuted in his time

Christos Papadimitriou, professor, electrical engineering and computer sciences | December 4, 2014

In 1936 a young man of 24 years took a long walk in the crisp air of the Cambridgeshire spring, and during that walk had an idea that changed the world. The idea was his answer to a question whose time had come: “What is a computer?” The young man was Alan Turing, protagonist of … Continue reading »

Why are English majors studying computer science?

David Patterson, professor of computer science | November 26, 2013

Ten years ago, professors in computer science departments everywhere wondered how undergraduates from a broad range of fields could be attracted to computer science (CS). We were convinced that this material would be vital for their careers, but we were up against negative stereotypes of programmers, and the prediction that most software jobs were about … Continue reading »