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Consume this

Claude Fischer, professor of sociology | December 14, 2011

This Christmas season and this Great Recession combine to focus media attention on this critical question: Are Americans spending enough? News anchors breathlessly report Black Friday receipts, trends in online shopping, and FedEx shipping loads. If only people would stretch their budgets, use their credit cards more, take a fling or two, and buy! — … Continue reading »

Christmas struggle

Claude Fischer, professor of sociology | December 21, 2010

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe announced Nov. 30 that he will not participate in Tulsa’s Parade of Lights until organizers put ‘Christ’ back in the event’s title.” This incident is one more volley in the battle to put Christ “back” into Christmas and in a wider struggle to “reclaim” a presumed tradition — the reverential, family-based … Continue reading »