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The ‘good’ divorce

Christine Carter, director, Greater Good Parents | March 19, 2012

The title of this post is misleading: Divorce is difficult and painful for everyone involved, especially kids. I’ve never known anyone to have a “good” divorce, in that way you have a good meal or good sex — even when divorce was the right thing to do for everyone, including the kids. Divorce is horrible. … Continue reading »

Is divorce immature and selfish?

Christine Carter, director, Greater Good Parents | March 14, 2012

Recently, the best-selling author and popular blogger Penelope Trunk declared divorce “immature and selfish.” She claimed divorce is “nearly always terrible for kids” (and “your case is not the exception”); that it is a sign of mental illness (specifically, of Borderline Personality Disorder); and that it is something that “dumb people” do at higher rates … Continue reading »

Idealizing your partner: Relationship poison or protection?

Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, professor of psychology |

Nobody’s perfect, so they say, and conventional wisdom would hold that entering marriage starry-eyed and blind to your partner’s weaknesses only foreshadows future disappointment and relationship trouble. Some research even supports this idea: a 13-year longitudinal study by Tom Huston at the University of Texas Austin (Huston et al., 2001) found that couples with steady, … Continue reading »