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President Obama Capitulates on FERC Chairman

Patrick Donnelly-Shores, former student, College of Natural Resources | December 11, 2013

Last week, President Obama named retired utility executive Cheryl LaFleur as the acting chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). It was a move likely aimed at pleasing interests in the natural gas and coal sectors. His previous nominee for chairman, longtime regulator Ronald Binz, had drawn the ire of the coal lobby, as reported on the BERC … Continue reading »

Why coal cares about FERC

Eric Biber, professor of law | September 16, 2013

I’ve written before about how fossil fuel industries have a strong incentive to kill (or at least stop the rise of) renewable energy now, so that it doesn’t become a powerful political force.  If renewable energy does become a strong enough political force, then there is a risk that it might provide support for ending … Continue reading »