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Mission accomplished? Revisiting the solutions

Karen Chapple, Professor, City and Regional Planning | November 10, 2015

By Karen Chapple and Mitchell Crispell Last week, San Francisco voters rejected a ballot initiative that would have halted market-rate development in the Mission District. The proposed moratorium highlighted schisms in the community around the best way to slow theĀ displacement that has made the Mission the gentrification poster child of the Bay Area. One side … Continue reading »

Housing market lessons from around the world

Robert Edelstein, professor and co-chair, Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics | April 6, 2012

The global financial crisis, which originated in US housing and finance markets, has kindled interest in housing markets worldwide. How did housing in other countries fare? How did policymakers deal with the impact of the spreading crisis? National housing markets and financial systems differ significantly across the globe, and these differences are useful for explaining … Continue reading »