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Can patriotism be compassionate?

Jeremy Adam Smith, Editor, Greater Good Magazine | July 2, 2013

Feeling ambivalent about the Fourth of July? You’re not alone. “I don’t mean love, when I say patriotism,” writes Ursula K. Le Guin in her classic 1969 novel The Left Hand of Darkness. “I mean fear. The fear of the other. And its expressions are political, not poetical: hate, rivalry, aggression.” In some corners, patriotism … Continue reading »

Minding your (other party’s) manners

Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, professor of psychology | March 26, 2012

When we want to make a good impression, one of the most common mistakes we make is to forget the central role that the other party has in shaping our behavior. We become so preoccupied with what we should or should not do to that we easily forget the importance of the other— the job … Continue reading »

Can empathy be bad for intergroup interactions?

Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, professor of psychology | August 15, 2011

You’d think it’d be difficult to argue against the following straightforward recommendation: Increase empathy towards outgroups, and you should be able to reduce prejudice and improve intergroup relations. Alas, as with most things having to do with human behavior, the reality is not straightforward, and empathy is not a silver bullet against intergroup negativity. Jacquie … Continue reading »