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Another disaster at political-economic policy analysis by Brad DeLong!

Brad DeLong, professor of economics | August 8, 2015

Over at Equitable Growth: I had thought we were well-past the interwar watershed in economic policy. The interwar watershed had three parts: * The winning of the franchise by the working class. * The portfolio rebalancing of the non-entrepreneurial wealthy. * And the recognition that the gold standard was not unbreakable. The last of these … Continue reading »

Is “secular stagnation” a monetary-financial problem or a fundamental technological problem?

Brad DeLong, professor of economics |

Over at Equitable Growth: On about four of the seven days in a week, my view is that the problems lumped under the heading of “secular stagnation” are primarily monetary-financial problems. Now comes Barry Eichengreen to review the case that these problems are at their root instead of also technological-fundamental. And I must say he … Continue reading »