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Mourning 9/11 Victorian style

Claude Fischer, professor of sociology | May 27, 2014

We have just witnessed the opening of the 9/11 memorial and museum at site of the destroyed World Trade Towers, an event that once more raises attention to how we Americans form our “collective memories.” (On collective memory, see here, here, here and here.) In a recent suggestive essay in the Journal of Social History, Stacy Otto argues that New Yorkers … Continue reading »

On grief, rage, and commemoration

Rosemary Joyce, professor of anthropology | September 11, 2010

Families of survivors of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York are deeply divided about a proposed building project on the site of the tragedy. Just not the project that most readers would think. As detailed on its official website, the site of the attack is slated to have a completed memorial … Continue reading »