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A modern equation for energy

Santiago Miret, Ph.D. student, materials science & engineering | September 24, 2015

The global energy landscape continues to change as more and more renewable energy sources and diversified energy systems become a substantial component of the energy infrastructures across the world. Given the onset of these new energy systems, the overarching return of diverse energy sources will become a more and more important factor in the future design … Continue reading »

European partnership could signal a new direction for renewable energy

Patrick Donnelly-Shores, former student, College of Natural Resources | January 30, 2014

President Francois Hollande of France announced a new renewable energy partnership between the French and German governments last week. The idea, modeled on the Airbus partnership, would expand cooperation between the governments on renewable energy projects. Airbus, which began in the 1960s, was formed as a joint partnership between primarily between French and German corporations, with Dutch … Continue reading »