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OccupyCal and UCPD’s Management

Chris Hoofnagle, professor of law in residence | November 14, 2011

In grappling with the events of last week, we might consider whether a shift in police management could lead to a change in the UCPD’s behavior. The UCPD has an oversight body, the Police Review Board, which has faculty, student, and community representation. However, management of the UCPD is entrusted to the Vice Chancellor for … Continue reading »

Berkeley’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad response to #occupycal

Michael Eisen, Professor of molecular and cell biology | November 10, 2011

Yesterday, a group of UC Berkeley students, working under the banner of “Occupy Cal”, sought to set up an encampment in the middle of UC Berkeley’s campus to highlight the connection between the banking industry, the global financial crisis, and the financial plight of our public universities. I didn’t participate in the protests (it’s not my … Continue reading »