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The mythical threat of a regulatory deluge

Dan Farber, professor of law | September 7, 2012

Conservatives are now spreading the myth that, if the country fails to elect Mitt Romney, the aftermath will be a deluge of federal regulations.  Republican state attorney generals are hitting the campaign trail to this fear of a coming regulatory flood in a post-Romney world. (here). This myth has been debunked by Cass Sunstein, who … Continue reading »

A side-by-side comparison of Romney and Obama on energy and environment

Dan Farber, professor of law | April 23, 2012

I’ve put together a table of language from the issues sections of the official campaign websites dealing with energy and environment. I decided to use the candidate’s own language to avoid interposing my own views on the issues. Please keep in mind that the table uses their language, not mine. Not surprisingly, the candidates frame … Continue reading »