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Racism is not a mental illness

Jeremy Adam Smith, Editor, Greater Good Magazine | June 20, 2015

On Wednesday, a young white man named Dylann Roof killed nine black people at prayer in South Carolina. Some have called it racism. Others say it was a crazy, isolated act. “He was one of these whacked out kids,” said Senator Lindsey Graham. “I don’t think it’s anything broader than that.” Does Graham have a … Continue reading »

The spotlight effect

Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, professor of psychology | June 5, 2012

Playing sports in middle age against college students can be humbling. The other day, I was playing basketball against a taller, quicker, and well, younger guy. He accelerated to the basket, and trying to stay in front of him, I lost my footing and unceremoniously fell on my butt. I bounced a couple of times … Continue reading »