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What do zombies, body snatchers, and the tobacco industry have in common?

Tomás Aragón, Clinical Faculty, School of Public Health | March 18, 2014

Answer: Everything — they are one in the same! I recently spoke to my daughter’s 7th grade science class on the dangers of smoking cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. Of course, I had to come up with a metaphor that would capture their attention — and tell a story — ZOMBIES! We can all imagine zombies … Continue reading »

Heavy hand

Claude Fischer, professor of sociology | March 11, 2011

History is not “history”; it is with us today. That is, the past constrains the present. This is obvious in one way: Conditions that developed long ago continue to shape our lives. We are ruled by old laws; we drive streets laid out in decades and centuries past; we operate technologies invented by earlier generations. … Continue reading »