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Mandela’s work is our own

john a. powell, director, Othering & Belonging Institute | December 18, 2013

On December 5th, the world lost not only a wise and inspiring leader, but a wonderful person in Nelson Mandela. Touching virtually all of our lives, he not only changed the course of world history, but he left us with a vision for change that we must continue to work to make a reality wherever … Continue reading »

Berkeley faculty reflect on the legacy of Nelson Mandela

G. Ugo Nwokeji, director, Center for African Studies | December 6, 2013

“Never have I seen anybody as universally revered as Nelson Mandela. I do reflect on this phenomenon from time to time, trying to explain it, but despite all he did and achieved, I have not found a satisfactory explanation except that his kind visits humankind once in ages. This is all the more remarkable, in … Continue reading »

Balancing economic development and social welfare in South Africa: The Walmart/Massmart merger

Ken Jacobs, chair, UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education | May 23, 2011

I was invited to South Africa earlier this month to participate in a Competition Tribunal about a proposed merger of Walmart and South African chain Massmart. Facing falling sales in the U.S., Walmart seeks a stake in emerging African markets, and last September offered $4 billion to purchase a controlling portion of Massmart. South Africa … Continue reading »