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California’s new budget: Bad for revitalizing neighborhoods

Ethan Elkind, director, Climate Program at Berkeley Law | June 28, 2011

California Governor Jerry Brown, apparently emerging from his time warp where Republicans weren’t completely radicalized against taxes and government,signed on to an all-cuts budget today, passed with majority numbers in the legislature.  His failure to get any of the four Republican votes he had sought means no new taxes and a major victory for the … Continue reading »

Reality resurfacing in California

Michael O'Hare, professor of public policy | January 18, 2011

Jerry Brown has issued a budget that engages a $25b deficit.  Note the word engages; not “papers over” or “hides with wishful thinking” or “lies about”; engages. There’s plenty of work not done yet, but this is huge: for the first time in recent memory, our elected chief executive is telling us the truth. Not … Continue reading »