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Cell phone etiquette

Claude Fischer, professor of sociology | September 9, 2015

People have been complaining about bad cell phone behavior for years. What are the 21st century’s Emily Post rules for cell phones and texting? (For the millennials: Emily Post was the great doyenne of etiquette and manners advice in the 20th century. Her descendants still produce advice books under her name. And there actually are new-era Emily … Continue reading »

Tablet and smartphone boot camp for middle-school parents

Christine Carter, director, Greater Good Parents | December 6, 2013

Every day I read something that leads me to believe that tech devices are dramatically affecting our kids’ normal social, sexual, intellectual, and emotional development. What I’m most amazed by, frankly, is how uninvolved we parents tend to be in the online lives of our middle schoolers. Our tweeners tend to seem much more savvy … Continue reading »

Traffic safety tips for the fall semester

Rebecca Sanders, former postdoctoral scholar, Safe Transportation Research & Education Center | August 30, 2013

School’s back in session! My recent dissertation research found that knowledge of roadway rules pertaining to sharing the road between drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians was inconsistent among Bay Area residents. Now that campus is once again full and the potential for conflict is high, it might be nice to have a traffic safety refresher. Less … Continue reading »