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Amid growing inequality, Chekhov’s message resonates

Lura Dolas, senior lecturer, acting | October 19, 2015

Our work together as cast, crew and designers — developing our upcoming Theater, Dance and Performance Studies production — has led us all to a deeper understanding of why The Cherry Orchard, written and set in Russia in 1904, has so often been called “timeless” and “universal.” One need only scratch the surface of the play … Continue reading »

Confessions of a social reform and theater scholar turned social practice and performance scholar

Shannon Jackson, associate vice chancellor of arts and design | April 26, 2011

The Arts Research Center at UC Berkeley is sponsoring the symposium “Curating People” on April 28 and 29, 2011. Participants have been invited to post some brief thoughts on the topic in advance of the event. This first posting is from ARC Director and symposium organizer Shannon Jackson. Alright, this a broad-stroked exercise that reduces … Continue reading »