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Duke Energy pleads guilty over eagle deaths at wind farms

Patrick Donnelly-Shores, former student, College of Natural Resources | December 4, 2013

In a precedent-setting agreement with the U Fish and Wildlife Service, Duke Energy agreed to pay $1,000,000 in fines related to 160 bird deaths at two wind farms in Wyoming. A subsidiary, Duke Energy Renewables, plead guilty in Wyoming Federal District Court to violations of the Migratory Bird Act, targeted specifically in the deaths of 16 golden eagles since … Continue reading »

Sometimes people really are out to get you

Dan Farber, professor of law | May 9, 2012

The Guardian has a rather startling story about organized efforts to stamp out wind and solar energy. (I suppose the fact that I find it startling is an indication of my naiveté.)  Not too surprisingly, the Koch oil interests are a major funding sources. The Guardian lists some of the efforts to eliminate clean energy, … Continue reading »